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Accessing the project repositories

In order to access the project repositories, you first need to know what type of repository (SVN/GIT) you are trying to access.

SVN access

You can access the SVN repositories hosted on this server with the following URL:

GIT access

If you want read-only access to a public git repository, use the following URL:
For access to a non-public git repository, please use the following URL:


Certificate issues

If you do not have the "Deutsche Telekom Root CA2" installed, you will get svn warnings (you can simply accept the offered certificate) and git error messages. To avoid these errors, you need to download the proper Telekom CA certificate.

You can either use the CA bundle published by the DFN (containing the Telekom, DFN and KIT CA certificates)

wget --no-check-certificate https://pki.pca.dfn.de/kit-ca/pub/cacert/chain.txt

or use the CA bundle provided by the CURL webpage (containing the Telekom and many other CA certificates).

wget http://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem

After downloading the certificate bundle, you have to configure git to use it:

git config --global --add http.sslCAinfo <absolute path to CA file>

Requesting user accounts

If you need write access to the protected repositories hosted here, you have to send an email to the EKP admin list with the result of the following command:

htpasswd -nm <USERNAME>

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