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Introduction to HappyFace

  • Powerful site specific monitoring system for data from multiple input sources.
  • Collects, processes, rates and presents all important monitoring information
    for the overall status and the services of a local or Grid computing site.

Information Display

  • Monitoring data is subdivided in multiple categories.
  • Each category is subdivided in multiple modules which corresponds to one single test.
  • Simple rating system: -1 = no info / error; status float value = 0.0 .. 1.0 (critical .. fine)
  • The overall status of the categories can be calculated from the individual module statii
    with different algorithms.

HappyFace Documentation

HappyFace Mailing Lists

There are as well mailing lists available:

  • users mailing list:
  • developers mailing list:

Happyface Instances

Summary of links to HappyFace? instances:

HappyFace InstanceComment
GridKA (CMS)HappyFace 3.0, monitoring GridKA for the CMS collaboration
GridKA (Belle)HappyFace 3.0, monitoring GridKA for the Belle collaboration
GridKA (CMS) - oldHappyFace 2.0, monitoring GridKA for the CMS collaboration, deprecated
DESYHappyFace 2.0, monitoring DESY for the CMS collaboration
GoeGridHappyFace 3.0, monitoring GoeGrid? for the ATLAS collaboration

HappyFace Development Members

  • Core & Module Development: Karlsruhe
    • Gregor Vollmer
    • Marcus Schmitt
    • Steffen Röcker
    • Stefan Letzelter
    • Fred Stober
    • Viktor Mauch (inactive)
    • Oliver Oberst (inactive)
    • Marian Zvada (inactive)
  • Module Development: Aachen
    • Otto Hindrichs (inactive)
    • Philip Sauerland (inactive)
    • Oleg Tsigenov (inactive)
  • Module Development: Göttingen
    • Gen Kawamura
    • Haykuhi Musheghyan
    • Max Robinson
    • Jordi Nadal
    • Georg Jahn (inactive)
    • Jörg Meyer (inactive)
    • Pavel Weber (inactive)
    • Christian Wehrberger (inactive)
  • Module Development: Hamburg
    • Martin Görner (inactive)
    • Friederike Nowak (inactive)
    • Eike Schlieckau (inactive)
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