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The HappyFace Firefox plugin is an add-on for the Firefox browser. It shows the smileys or arrows of a HappyFace instance in the statusbar of your browser.

The status icons of individual modules of a category are shown when hovering the mouse over a category in the statusbar.

The add-on allows you to easily monitor your HF status without even looking at the webpage! It is even possible to click on an individual test to directly open the selected test in a new browser window or tab.

By right-clicking on the statusbar plugin, the option menu is shown which allows you to specify the HF instance which should be monitored by the plugin, the used icon theme or whether the automatic update feature is enabled.

Download & Installation

To install the plugin, just click here with your Firefox browser. If the installation does not start automatically, download the .xpi file (by using right-click and the "Save As" feature) and open it with Firefox.

The HappyFace plugin only works if you HF webpage supports xml output. This should be true for all recently installed versions of HF and can be seen by the XML logo inside the HF history navigation bar.

Additional Configuration Parameters

You might want to change the default values for the timeout and refresh intervals of the plugin. These values can be changed by going to about:config of your Firefox browser: Enter about:config in the url bar and promise to be careful and do not mess up with other settings available. The following two variables are important:

  • extensions.happyface.getxml_timeout_ms - Timeinterval (in milli seconds) to try to download the xml file before the add-on claims to be offline. Default: 2000
  • extensions.happyface.refreshinterval_ms - Timeinterval (in milli seconds) between xml queries. Default: 8000 (must be greater than the timeout!)

Version History

  • version 2.0, 19 Apr, 2010
  • version 1.9, 19 Apr, 2010
    • Now, check marks are also visible using Windows.
  • version 1.8, 19 Apr, 2010
    • Check mark for selected happyface url.
    • bugfix: saving bg-color option
  • version 1.7, 18 Apr, 2010
    • Minor bugfix
    • Changed homepage to this page
  • version 1.6, 17 Apr, 2010
    • Introduced "enable" function that allows you to easily enable/disable the addon without restarting firefox.
    • Smileys are shown in gray when offline.
    • New themes.
    • Left-click on smileys gives a menu that allows you to open directly the webpage of the happyface modules.
    • Option to enable background colors for the smileys. This makes all themes easy to read.
    • Automatic updates. This is the last version that you need to update by hand.
    • Xml-download interval and timeout customizable.

Future Improvement Plans

  • Options menu for getxml_timeout_ms and refreshinterval_ms.
  • Possibility to install several instances of the add-on in parallel.


Problem: The installation does not work and aborts with the following error message:

Signing could not be verified

Solution: Get the GridKa-CA root certificate and trust it:

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